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Here is a site where life takes chances, and the imagination tested... but we all know where the truth lies, right?

Winged Heart and all other images, and content are copywritten.


Seatbelts Pl3z!


Writings By RONYAE, established in 1977 and has been the leading accomplishment for Royalty Publishing LC.


RONYAE has been the mastermind behind many great novels, biographies and short stories; her ghostwriting is the mastermind-mask for many authors. Her passion for being a "Voice for a Nation" started many years ago. But, it grew as she launched a career in journalism.


Online blogging columns, articles and content produced by RONYAE started when she returned to Michigan in 2006, and has expanded over the years to larger audiences.

Adding to her many literary accomplishments, a 4-part short story series titled "Just As I Leaned In ..." exceeds her short story expertise, and is centered as a 'ghetto love story'.


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4th and Final edition to the "Leaned In..." series coming soon!



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